Health Innovation Center

Building rendering

"This really is the future. This could really be a national model for how institutions of higher education can become engaged in how health care is changing. This is how Northern Kentucky is going to transform health care."

-Dr. Lynne Saddler, district director of health at the Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department

Northern Kentucky University is preparing to construct a new facility that will support an integrated portfolio of programs to prepare healthcare professionals and to provide solutions to the population health and wellness challenges of the region and Commonwealth. These training programs and research activities will respond to the transformational changes presently taking place in the healthcare industry.

When our collective efforts successfully translate this ambitious concept into a tangible reality, we will improve the health of our community, the Commonwealth, and our metropolitan region. We will also promote economic growth and vitality by producing graduates who earn good incomes, by providing trained talent for healthcare providers, and by improving the productivity of the broader workforce. And our innovative approach will be a model for other educational institutions and communities to emulate.

Faculty Research

NKU has many professors with a variety of educational interests. These experts have brought in millions of dollars in research funding, helping their university and the region.

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Helping the Region

The health innovation center will house trans-disciplinary programs that reach across genre and educational ideas to create new solutions to existing problems.

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Academic Programs

Academic programs across campus will work together to enhance the health of the region via academic programs and applied research.

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